phokis App


phokis an online survey App

You can use phokis to start private surveys (questions), so just following Friends can see and answer them. In case you start an open survey the whole world and your followers will be able to answer.


There are three survey types:


just text




After you have chosen your survey type you have to provide min. 2 max. 4 answer options

You may also choose the express survey option. in this case the survey will be online for one day. Otherwise you choose your end date of the survey (there is no limitation - as long as the calendar works).

The survey result can be seen by everybody as a pie chart.


The User may choose between a fast login by our Facebook login or first submit and login afterwards

phokis is an open network for everybody and may used to get different benefits.


For example you would like to get help to choose your new device:


Question : İphone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 - which one should I buy?




This can as mentioned before also be made by using pictures or video.

phokis is free and usable for everybody. With the Folllow/Follower system everybody can create his networks for several purposes:




* Sports





* thoughts - perspectives

property management

Neighborhood or districts (if it is no private survey all app users in your radius may answer)

Firms , Your workplace (firm-/christmas party organization), schools, universities, faculties, product and customer survey

* friend to plan activities

to benefit from the result

etc . …